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Thursday, May 12, 2016

IT & Cyberlaw Model Questions : University Asst : PartII

1.      C-Programming language developed by ________

a)      Bjarne Strawstrup

b)      Dennis Ritchie

c)      Blaise Pascal

d)      Niklaus Wirth

Answer: (b)
Dennis Ritchie developed high level programming language C at
Bell Labs in 1970s. C++ is the object oriented successor of ‘C’.

2.      Which key combinations are used for warm booting?

a)      Shift + Delete

b)      CTRL + A

c)      CTRL+ALT +DEL

d)      None of these

Answer: ( c )
Pressing CTRL+ALT +DEL keys together is also called 3-Finger Salute.
3.      What is the full form of AMD ?

a)      Advanced Micro Devices

b)      Amplified Micro Devices

c)      Amplified Macro Devices

d)      Advanced Macro Devices

Answer: (a)
AMD is an innovative technology company manufacturing micro processors . AMD is the second largest maker of computer processors after Intel.
4.      In IT ACT 2000 which section deals with punishment of cyber terrorism?

a)      66B

b)      67B

c)      66F

d)      45F

Answer: (C )
66F. the punishment for cyber terrorism is Life Imprisonment.
5.      The process of organizing the columns and tables of a relational database to minimize data duplication is called ______________

a)      Data Normalization

b)      Data Mining

c)      Data Diddling

d)      Data Formatting

Answer: (a)
Data Normalization. Various data forms are 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF

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