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Thursday, May 19, 2016

University Asst 2016 : Solved Question Papers

1.      Father of Indian Super Computer
a)      Seymour Cray
b)     Vijay P Bhatkar
c)      Nandan S Nilekhani
d)     Sabheer Bhatia
Answer: ( b)
Viijay P Bhatkar , First chairman of C-DAC ( Center for Development of Advanced Computing )
2.      Which memory is called CPU memory?
a)      RAM
b)     ROM
c)      CACHE
d)     BUFFER
Answer: ( c )
Cache memory is integrated directly with the CPU chip.
3.      Compiled format of JAVA programs are called __________
a)      Op Code
b)     Byte Code
c)      Operand
d)     None of these
Answer: (b)

Byte code is the instruction set of the JAVA Virtual Machine.

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