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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Security Bug Bounty : A Reward Program from Facebook

Facebook news release Facebook is offering a $500 reward for reporting bugs on its site. It says "To show our appreciation for our security researchers, we offer a monetary bounty for certain qualifying security bugs," Facebook wrote on a page entitled "Security Bug Bounty."

Rewards as follows A typical bounty is $500 USD increase the reward for specific bugsOnly 1 bounty per security bug will be awarded

courtesy for this news and Fore more info  see

Junior Instructor (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant.) 27 Vacancies

Category No: 194/2011
Department : Industrial Training 
Name of Post : Junior  Instructor (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant.)
Scale of pay  : Rs. 7990 - 12930/-
No. of vacancies : 27 (Twenty Seven)

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

HSST Computer Science & UGC NET Preparation Online

If you have applied for PSC HSST Computer Science Exam and started searching for previous questions, syllabi , model questions and related topics . pls follow the blog  HSST Computer Science Blog.  Here in this blog all the materials are arranged in an orderly fashion  that makes you easy to refer the topics.

Pls suggest the blog to your friends also..Never feel selfish to do share this with your friends....

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Friday, July 29, 2011

UGC NET Questions For Computer Science - Paper II

Q. Let e : B^m → B^n is a group code. The minimum distance of ‘e’ is equal to :
(A) the maximum weight of a non zero code word
(B) the minimum weight of a non zero code word
(C) m
(D) n

Q. A context free grammar is :
(A) type 0.
(B) type 2.
(C) type 1.
(D) type 3.

Q. In order to build a MOD - 18 counter, the minimum number of flip flops needed is
equal to :
(B) 5
(C) 9
(D) 4

Q.Amongst the logic families DTL, TTL, ECL and CMOS, the family with the least power dissipation is :  
(B) DTL   

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Computer Science Data Structure Questions 4 HSST Exam

Following are the questions from DS based on Arrays and Linked List .
1. The memory address of the first element of an array is called
a. floor address
b. foundation address
c. first address
d. base address

2. The memory address of fifth element of an array can be calculated by the formula
a. LOC(Array[5]=Base(Array)+w(5-lower bound), where w is the number of words per memory cell for the array
b. LOC(Array[5])=Base(Array[5])+(5-lower bound), where w is the number of words per memory cell for the array
c. LOC(Array[5])=Base(Array[4])+(5-Upper bound), where w is the number of words per memory cell for the array
d. None of above

3. Which of the following data structures are indexed structures?
a. linear arrays
b. linked lists
c. both of above
d. none of above

4. Which of the following is not the required condition for binary search algorithm?
a. The list must be sorted
b. there should be the direct access to the middle element in any sublist
c. There must be mechanism to delete and/or insert elements in list
d. none of above

5. Which of the following is not a limitation of binary search algorithm?
a. must use a sorted array
b. requirement of sorted array is expensive when a lot of insertion and deletions are needed
c. there must be a mechanism to access middle element directly
d. binary search algorithm is not efficient when the data elements are more than 500.

Computer Science Questions Previously asked by PSC

Pls go through the following question bank if you are preparing for HSST Computer Science Exam.

Q. Which of the following applications is Wireless and Mobile? 
(A) Desktop
(B) Notebook
(D) Wireless Network

Q. The application that can not be considered as a Remote login is : 
(A) telnet
(B) rlogin
(C) ssh
(D) ftp

Q. Which of the following is not an Indian ISP company? 
(A) Sify
(B) Rediff mail
(C) India times
(D) Mail max

More Questions >>

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Computer GK Questions for Bank P.O Examinations Solved

1) Fastest component of a computer system is 
a) Flash ROM 
b) Cache memory 
d) CPU

2. Which tags are placed on animals, to track all of the animals movements.
b) RFID c) PPS 
d) GPS

3. _______________ uses an FAT for file allocation?
b) Linux 
c) Unix 
d) Solaris

4. TLB stands for?
 a) Table Lookup Buffer 
b) Translation Look aside Buffer 
c) Translation table 
d) None

5. The address space of 8086 CPU is?
1 Megabytes 
b) 256 Kilobytes 
c) 1 Kilobyte 
d) 64 kilobytes

6. The following statement
 printf(”%f”, 9/5); prints
1.8 (b) 1.0 (c) 2.0 (d) none of the above

7. C is a?
high level language (b) low level language
high level language with some low level features.
(d) low level language with some high level features.

8. What will happen if in a C program you assign a value to an array element whose subscript exceeds the size of array?
 (a. The element will be set to 0.
The compiler would report an error.
(c. The program may crash if some important data gets overwritten.
(d. The array size would appropriately grow.

9. Which of the following operations can be performed on the file "NOTES.TXT" using the below code? FILE *fp;
fp = fopen("NOTES.TXT", "r+");
(a. Reading
(b. Writing
(c. Appending 
(d,Read and Write 

10. One of the following is not a real RDBMS
dBase b) DBII c) MA Access d) Oracle

1. When data is sent on more than one line at a time, it is called:
(a) Parallel data transmission 
(b) Serial data transmission
(c) Data Structure
(d) Data transmission

2. Among the following, which is the component most commonly used to provide permanent storage of data? (a) Floppy-drive
(b) Hard Disk
(d) Pen Drive

3. What does BIOS stands for?
(a) Basic Input/Output Software
(b) Basic Input/Output System 
(c) Basic Indoor/Outdoor System
(d) Basic Inside/Outside System

4. Verification of a login name and password is known as:
(A) configuration
(B) accessibility
(C) Authentication
(D) logging in

5. 'MICR' technology used for clearance of cheques by banks refers to—
(1) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
(2) Magnetic Intelligence Character Recognition
(3) Magnetic Information Cable Recognition
(4) Magnetic Insurance Cases Recognition

6. "Try before you buy" is the main concept of:
(a) Freeware License
(b) Shareware License
(c) Public Domain License
(d) Open Source License

7. The resolution of a printer is measured in:
(a) Ipi
(b) dpi 
(c) pixel
(d) ppm

8. The average time taken by a computer to locat data on the storage medium is known as:
(a) Random Access
(b) Sequential Access
(c) Access Time 
(d) Booting Time

9. High speed memory that allows a microprocesso to access data more rapidly than from memoy located elsewhere on the motherboard is known as:
(a) Cache 
(b) ROM
(c) Benchmark
(d) Flash

10. The computer's main circuit board that houses all essential chips and provides connecting circuitry between them.
(a) Graphics Card
(b) Mother Board 
(c) Integrated Circuit
(d) System Unit

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PSC Question Bank Powered By

Most Useful for PSC Exams

Q? : As Rajghat is associated with Mahatma Gandhi and Santivan with Nehru, which place is associated with B.R. Ambedkar [Q: Postal Assistant 2006]
Ans: Chaithrabhoomi

Q? : In the context of space technology, what is “Bhuvan”, recently in the news ? [UPSC IAS Prelim 2010 ]
Ans: A geoportal of ISRO with 3D imaging capabilities of India

Q? : The boundary between India and China is known as [ KPSC Assistant Salesman 2011 ]
Ans: McMohan Line

Q? : The ability to be unaffected by disease. : [ GK Puzzle : English]
Ans: Immunity

Q? : The first Youth Olympics was held in : [ Asst Salesman Exam ]
Ans: Singapore

Q? : The right and proper qualifications 
Ans: Eligibility

Q? : The state of being a god or like god : [ GK Puzzle : English]
Ans: Divinity

Q? : Which is India Post’s web site [Q: Postal Assistant 2006]

Q? : Who wrote the book ‘The annhilation of caste’ [Q: Postal Assistant 2006]
Ans: B.R. Ambedkar

Q? : ‘Pulitzer prize’ is given for excellence in the field of [ LADY V.E.O EXAM 2007 ]
Ans: Media

Monday, July 25, 2011

Technical Assistant : 14 Posts @ IITR

Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR)
Post Box No. 80, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Lucknow - 226 01, India

Applications on the prescribed forms are invited from brilliant, dynamic and young Indian Nationals, for the positions of  Technical Assistants at Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR) :
  • Technical Assistant : 14 Posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800/- Grade Pay Rs.4200/-, Age: 28 years.

Application Fee :   Rs.100/- (No fee for SC/ST, overseas candidates of Indian origin and regular employees of CSIR) is payable separately for each post in the form of crossed DD payable at Lucknow  drawn in favour of the Director, Indian Institute of Toxicology Research and payable at Lucknow.
How to Application : Application in the prescribed format should reach the  Director, Indian Institute of.
Toxicology Research, M.G.Marg, Post Bag No. 80, Lucknow-226001on or before 24/08/2011

Please visit  for detailed information and application format. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

HSST Computer Science Exam Guide

HSST Computer Science examination guide containing Exam Syllabi, Previous Questions,Current Trends, Topics like Mobile Computing, Operating System, Database Management System,Computer Networks,System analysis and Design, Programming using C & C++ etc are accessible from the following link . 

All are requested post your comment and suggestions about the material to add more resources. if you are interested to share any material pls forward it to the email

Best Wishes

Friday, July 22, 2011

What is Stored Program Concept in Computer Science ?

The Stored Program Concept Or  von Neumann architecture is a design model for a stored-program digital computer that uses a central processing unit (CPU) and a single separate storage structure ("memory") to hold both instructions and data. It is named after the mathematician and early computer scientist John von Neumann.

The earliest computing machines had fixed programs. Some very simple computers still use this design, either for simplicity or training purposes. For example, a desk calculator (in principle) is a fixed program computer. It can do basic mathematics, but it cannot be used as a word processor or a gaming console.The idea of the stored-program computer changed all that: a computer that by design includes an instruction set and can store in memory a set of instructions (a program) that details the computation.

Courtesy ,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kerala mca entrance fundamentals of Computer Awareness Questions.

Q? : Who is Mark Zukerberg ?
Answer : Founder of Facebook

Q? : Which of the following is first generation of computer :
Answer: EDSAC

Q? : Which command lists files in MS-DOS ? [ Computer , Quiz ]
Answer: dir

Q? : What is the internet TLD of France [ Computer GK Internet ]]
Answer: .fr

Q? : What is the capacity of a standard PC floppy ? [ Computer , Quiz ]
Answer: 1.44 MB

Q? : What does PHP stands for [ Computer Abbreviation HSST GK ]
Answer: Hypertext Preprocessor

Q? : What does Google means [ Computer GK ]
Answer: 1 followed by 100 zeros

Q? : What does FTP stands for ? [ Computer Abbreviation HSST GK ]
Answer: File Transfer Protocol

Q? : What does ADSL stands for ? [ Computer Abbreviation HSST GK ]
Answer: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

Q? : URL stands for : [ Computer Quiz ]
Answer: Uniform Resource Locator

Q? : The utility which can be used to clean the windows registry is: [ Computer GK ]
Answer: Regedit

Q? : The port number used by the HTTP protocol is [ Computer GK ]
Answer: 80

Q? : The name Andy Bechtolsheim associated with [ Computer GK ]
Answer: Google

Q? : The instructions for starting the computer are house on : [ Bank PO ]
Answer: Read only memory chip

Answer: Script Virus

Q? : Super Computer Invention By [ PSC Computer GK ]
Answer: J.H. Van Tassel and Seymour Cray


Q? : SECOND GENERATION SERVICES OF WWW [ psc gk questions computer ]
Answer: WEB 2.0

Q? : OPERATION INDICATES ERROR CORRECTION [ psc gk questions computer ]

Q? : ONE BYTE IS [ psc gk questions computer ]
Answer: 8 BITS

See More Questions >> 

Some more links for HSST Computer Science Preparation . Pls go through this

Some more hsst model and NET question papers download links..

Best Wishes

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



1. Applications are invited for the Entrance Examination for admission to Master of Computer 

Applications (MCA) Course in Kerala in the AICTE approved institutions for the academic 

year 2011-12. 


(a) Nativity: Candidate should be an Indian citizen 

(b) Academic Eligibility: 


A pass in any recognized regular Bachelor’s Degree course of minimum three years duration 

in any discipline with Mathematics at 10+2 level. 


A pass in any recognized Regular Bachelors Degree course of minimum three years duration 

in any discipline with Mathematics/Statistics as one of the Subjects 


A pass in BCA Degree of minimum three years duration from a recognized University 

(ii) Colleges affiliated to UNIVERSITY of KERALA

Candidates should have passed Bachelors Degree of minimum three years duration after 10+2 

level with a minimum of 50% marks in the subject component(s) in any discipline with 

Mathematics/Statistics/ Computer Science/ Computer Application/ Engineering and Technology 

as a Main/ Subsidiary/ Core subject. 

(iii) Colleges affiliated to UNIVERSITY of CALICUT

Bachelors Degree in any discipline of 3 year duration with mathematics (this does not include 

Business Mathematics or Business Statistics) as one of the subjects with at least 50% marks 

scored in mathematics and the course undergone under the regular programme recognized by 

the Calicut University. 5% of relaxation in marks will be allowed in the case of SEBC 

candidates and for SC/ST candidates pass in examination is required. 

Candidates who are appearing / have appeared for the qualifying examination this year 

are also eligible to apply for the Entrance Examination subject to the condition that 

the entire mark list of the qualifying examination shall be produced by the candidate at 

the time of admission. 

3. Reservation of Seats:- 

a) Person with Disabilities:-3% of seats available to the State for Online allotment from the 

rank list are reserved for the candidates with disabilities. 

b) Mandatory Reservation:- Seats are reserved for SC/St and SEBC candidates as per 

existing Reservation principles. 

4. Entrance Examination: The Entrance Examination will be conducted at Thiruvananthapuram, 

Ernakulam and Kozhikode on 13.08.2011(Saturday). It will be of 2 hours duration and will consist 

of 150 Objective Type Questions covering the following areas of study at graduate level. 

(a) Mathematics (b) Statistics (c) Physics (d) Chemistry (e) General Knowledge 

(f) General English and (g) Fundamentals of Computer Awareness. 5. How and When to Apply: Candidates seeking admission the course can apply online through the 

website of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations. There will be 

separate link for General, SEBC and SC/St candidates. The site will be opened for online 

registration from 18.07.2011 to 01.08 .2011, 5 p.m. 

6. Application Fee: For General candidates, the Application Fee is Rs.800/- (Rupees Eight hundred 

only) and for SC/ST candidates the application fee is Rs. 400/- (rupees Four hundred only). The 

required fee can be remitted at any branch of the State Bank of Travancore using the Bank Chalan 

which is available in the print out of Online Application. The original chalan should be attached with 

the print out of the application duly signed and authorized and signed by the Bank authorities on 

remittance of application fees. Candidates outside Kerala can remit the application fee by attaching 

a Demand Draft for the requisite amount drawn on a Nationalized Bank in favour of the 

Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, payable at Thiruvananthapuram. 

7. Last date and time for receipt of filled-in application forms: Candidates seeking admission 
should take the printout of the application after entering the details online an affix a passport size 
photograph same as the one which is uploaded, in the space provided.  The photograph should be 
attested by the candidate and forward the application with all the required documents to the 
Commissioner for Entrance Examinations, Housing Board Buildings, 5th Floor, Santhinagar, 
Thiruvananthapuram – 695 001, either by Registered post or by hand delivery on or before 
01.08.2011, 5 p.m. 

8. The candidates registered for the Examination can download their  ADMIT CARD through the 
website from 08.08.2011 onwards.

Scientific Officer / Engineer-SB (Programmer) : 62 posts @ NIC

National Informatics Centre (NIC), a premier IT organization of Government of India invites young IT professionals to join its ranks to take up challenging assignment in the domain of e-Governance :
    • Scientific Officer / Engineer-SB (Programmer) : 62 posts (UR-31, SC-6, ST-9, OBC-16), Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800 Grade Pay 4600, Age : 30 Years

      Selection by written test on 04/09/2011 followed by personal interview for selected. 

      How to Apply : Interested candidates need to apply Online at NIC website only upto 05/08/2011. 

      Kindly visit   for details and Online sunmission of application.

      Monday, July 18, 2011

      English Puzzles : GK : PSC

      Q? : The state of being fully grown in mind or body : [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Maturity

      Q? : The state of being a mother : [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Maternity

      Q? : The speed of something in a given direction : [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Velocity

      Q? : The amount of moisture especially in the air: [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Humidity

      Q? : Endless life after death : [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Eternity

      Q? : A strong desire to know or learn [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Curiosity

      Q? : The state of being a god or like god : [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Divinity

      Q? : The ability to be unaffected by disease. : [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Immunity

      Saturday, July 16, 2011


      Maulana Azad Education Foundation was established on the occasion of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s birth centenary.

      Scholarship will be admissible for expenditure on payment of School/College Fee, purchaseof syllabus books, purchase of stationery/equipments required for the course & payment ofBoarding/Lodging charges.

      To recognize, promote and assist meritorious Girl students belonging to National Minoritieswho can not continue their education without financial support.

      Who is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg ?

      Founder and CEO of FaceBook
      Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is best known for creating the social networking site Facebook, of which he is chief executive and president.Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room on February 4, 2004. An earlier inspiration for Facebook may have come fromPhillips Exeter Academy, the prep school from which Zuckerberg graduated in 2002. It published its own student directory, “The Photo Address Book,” which students referred to as “The Facebook.”

      Courtesy : Wikipedia , PSCTrainer

      Friday, July 15, 2011

      HSST Computer Science 2004 Question Paper

      The exam date for HSST CS /CA commenced . This blog publishes tips for getting high marks in the examination. If you are seriously preparing for this exam pls go through the previous question papers also. if any body wants to have the question paper pls quote your email ID as comment here.

      Best Wishes

      GK Today From PSCTrainer

      Q? : Whose birthday on 29 August is celebrated as `National Sports Day' in India ? [ Sports , GK ]
      Answer: Dhyan Chand

      Answer: SHAKESPEARE

      Answer: VATSYAYAN

      Answer: K.KELAPPAN

      Answer: VINOBA BHAVE

      Q? : Who is the author of Sense And Sensibility ? [ Books , GK ]
      Answer: Jane Austen

      Q? : Who invented the Computer [ PSC Computer GK ]
      Answer: BABBAGE

      Q? : WHERE IS "THUNJAN PARAMBU" IS SITUATED [ psc gk questions malayalam ]
      Answer: TIRUR

      Q? : What is the internet TLD of France [ Computer GK Internet ]]
      Answer: .fr

      Q? : What does PHP stands for [ Computer Abbreviation HSST GK ]
      Answer: Hypertext Preprocessor

      Q? : What does Google means [ Computer GK ]
      Answer: 1 followed by 100 zeros

      Q? : What does FTP stands for ? [ Computer Abbreviation HSST GK ]
      Answer: File Transfer Protocol

      Q? : What does ADSL stands for ? [ Computer Abbreviation HSST GK ]
      Answer: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

      Q? : What do the largest mammal , Blue Whales eat [ GK Biology ]
      Answer: Plankton

      Answer: AMPERE


      Q? : To commemorate his conquest of the Ranthambhor fort and Khandesh in Gujarat, which Mughal ruler built Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri ? [ History , GK ]
      Answer: Akbar

      Answer: H.G WELLS

      Answer: EINSTEIN

      Search 4 More Questions >>

      Wednesday, July 13, 2011

      HSST Computer Science : Junior / Senior : Syllabi : Kerala PSC : Page 5

      9.   Software  Engineering
      System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) : Steps, Water fall model. Prototypes, Spiral model.
      Software Metrics ; Software Project Management.
      Software Design : System design. detailed design. function oriented design, object-oriented design,
      user interface design. Design level metrics.
      Coding and Testing : Testing level metrics. Software quality and reliability. Clean room approach,
      software engineering
         10.     Computer Graphics
      Display systems. Input devices, 2D Geometry - .Algorithms for drawing primitives, clipping and
      windowing, windows, view ports, Graphic operations for transformations , 3D Graphics. Animation,
      Graphics standard. Applications.
      Storage Devices, Input Tools. Authoring Tools, Application, Files.
      11.  Programming Language Theory
      Programming language concepts, paradigms, models.
      Data. Data types, Operators, Expressions. Assignment. Flow of Control - Control structures, I/O
      structures. I/O statements, User-Defined and built- in functions. Parameter passing.
      Principles, classes, inheritance, class hierarchies, polymorphism, dynamic binding, reference
      semantics and their implementation.
      Principles, functions, lists, types and polymorphism, higher order functions, lazy evaluation,
      equations and pattern matching.
      Principles, horn clauses and their execution, logical variables, relations, data structures, controlling
      the search order, program development in Prolog, implementation of Prolog, example programs in

      HSST Computer Science : Junior / Senior : Syllabi : Kerala PSC : Page 3

      6.     Data Communication and Computer Networks
      Data Communication : Analog and Digital transmission. Asynchronous and Synchronous
      transmission. Transmission media. Multiplexing and Concentration, Switching techniques.
      Polling. Channel capacity.  Transmission media - twisted pair, coaxial cables, fibre-optic
      cables, wireless transmission- radio, microwave and infrared waves. Light wave
      transmission. Telephones - local loop, trunks, multiplexing, switching, narrowband ISDN,
      broadband ISDN. ATM, High speed LANs. Cellular Radio, Communication satellitesgeosynchronous and low-orbit.
      Reference Models : The OSI model,  TCP/I P model.
      Topologies, Networking Devices. Protocols for - ( i) Data link layer (ii) Network layer, and
      (iii) Transport layer, TCP/I P protocols, Networks security, Network administration.
      Local Area Networks (LAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), Wide Area Networks
      (WAN). Wireless Networks, Inter Networks.
      Internetworking : Switch/Hub. Bridge. Router. Gateways. Concentrated virtual circuits.
      Tunnelling, Fragmentation. Firewalls.Routing : Virtual circuits and datagrams. Routing Algorithms. Congestion control.
      Network Security : Cryptography - public key, secret key, Domain Name System (DNS) - Electronic
      Mail and World Wide Web {WWW). The DNS, Resource Records. Name servers. E-mail
      architecture and E-mail Servers.

      HSST Computer Science : Junior / Senior : Syllabi : Kerala PSC


      (CATEGORY NO. 111/2010)
      1. Discrete Structures
      Sets, Relations, Functions. Pigeonhole Principle, Inclusion-Exclusion principle, Equivalence and
      Partial Orderings. Elementary Counting Techniques.
      Computability : Models of computation - Finite Automata, Pushdown Automata, Non-determinism
      and NFA, DPDA and PDA s and Languages accepted by these structures. Grammars - types of
      grammars - type 0 , type I, type 2 and type 3. The relationship between types of grammars,
      Languages, Non-computability, Non-computable problems.
      Groups : Finite fields and Error correcting / detecting codes.
      Propositional logic. Predicate logic. Well-formed formulae (WFF). Satisfiability and Tautology.
         2. Computer    Arithmetic
      Logic families : TTL, ECL and C-MOS gates. Boolean algebra and Minimization of Boolean
      functions, Flip-flops- types, race condition and comparison, Design of combinational and sequential
      Representation of Integers : Octal. Hex. Decimal and Binary 2's complement and 1's complement
      arithmetic. Floating point representation.
        3  .    Programming in C and C++
      Programming in C : Elements of C - Tokens, identifiers, data types in C, Control constructs in C,
      Sequence, selection and iteration. Structured data types in C - arrays, structs, unions, strings and
      Object-Oriented programming Concepts : Class - object, instantiation, Inheritance -polymorphism
      and overloading, aggregation, abstract classes, generalization as extension and restriction. Object
      oriented design. Multiple inheritance
      C++ - programming : Elements of C++ - Tokens, Identifiers, Variables and constants. Data types,
      Operators. Control statements, Functions, parameter passing, Class and objects, Constructors and
      destructors, Overloading, Inheritance, Templates, Exception handling.

      Courtesy :

      Tuesday, July 12, 2011

      Common Written Examination (CWE) : Probationary Officers (PO)/ Management Trainees - 2011

      IBPS, an autonomous body, has been authorised by the IBA and has received mandates from 19 Public Sector Banks to conduct the recruitment of Probationary Officers/ Management Trainees posts twice in a year for their requirements. 

      A First ever Common Written Examination (CWE) will be conducted by the IBPS as a pre-requisites for selection of personnel for Probationary Officers (PO)/ Management Trainees posts in the following Public Sector Bank. 

      • Allahabad Banks / Andhra Bank/ Bank of Baroda/ Bank of India/ Bank of Maharashtra/ Canara Bank/ Central Bank of India/ Corporation Bank/ Dena Bank/ Indian Bank/ Indian Overseas Bank/ Oriental Bank of Commerce/ Punjab National Bank/ Punjab & Sind Bank/ Syndicate Bank/ Union Bank of India/ United Bank of India/ UCO Bank/ Vijaya Bank
      Those will be successful in the Common Written Exam (CWE) will be given a scorecard (Like CAT exam of IIM) and may apply to any of the participating bank when they come up with their job vacancy and then these successful candidates have quote their personal details and their CWE scores.

       Each of the bank will issue individual recruitment notifications, details of  vacancies, eligibility criteria etc. separately.

      Please visit for all the details available and to submit the application online from 09/07/2011 onwards

      How to Apply 

      General English Questions : PSC

      Q? : Which word is recently included in Oxford English Dictionary which is related to World Cup Football 2010 held in South Africa ?
      Answer: Vuvuzela

      Q? : To surprise somebody greatly: [ General English : PSC ]
      Answer: Astonish

      Q? : The state of being fully grown in mind or body : [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Maturity

      Q? : The state of being a mother : [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Maternity

      Q? : The speed of something in a given direction : [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Velocity

      Q? : The plural of the word 'crisis' is [ LDC 2011 THRISSUR ENGLISH]
      Answer: crises

      Answer: MATTANCHERY

      Q? : The amount of moisture especially in the air: [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Humidity


      Answer: MIHIR SEN


      Q? : Endless life after death : [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Eternity


      Answer: FANATIC

      Answer: DECAY

      Answer: REASONABLE

      Q? : An event that will happen soon: [ General English ]
      Answer: Imminent

      Q? : An elderly unmarried woman is called : [ LDC 2011 THRISSUR ENGLISH]
      Answer: Spinster

      Q? : A strong desire to know or learn [ GK Puzzle : English]
      Answer: Curiosity

      More >>

      Monday, July 11, 2011

      Become a Junior Commission Officer (JCO) (Religious Teacher) in the Army (RT Pandit, RT Granthi and RT Maulvi)

      Applications are invited from male candidates only for recruitment asJunior Commissioned Officer (Religious Teacher) for RRT 67 course in the Indian Army who fulfill the following eligibility criteria for RT Puandit, Granthi and Maulvi :
      • JCO Religious Teacher : 40 posts (Pandit-26, Granthi - 8, Maulvi-6)
      • Qualification : The minimum educational qualification for appointment will be graduation in any discipline from a recognised university. In addition they must alsp possess one of the qualification accding to the religious denomination of the individuals (see detailed adv.).
      • Age : 27-34 years  and 25-34 for remustered candidates.
      • Physical Standard: As applicable to the regular army [Height-155cm, Weight-50Kg, Chest - 77 cm, Candidate should be able to run one mile in eight minutes.
      • Pay Scale : JCO will get the pay scale of Naib Subedar of Rs. 9300-34800/-

        How to Apply: Candidates are required to submit duly filled prescribed Application Form along with all required documents duly superscribed "Application for JCO ( Religious Teacher) RRT-67 Course" on the top outer coever of the envelope to designated Recruitment Zone latest by06/08/2011.
        Further detail regarding this entry scheme can be seen by clicking on the image and more information is available at   at and  

        Saturday, July 9, 2011

        PSCTrainer Reached the Land Mark of 2000 Questions

        Hi ..

        We have immense pleasure to see that PSCTrainer , Online PSC Question bank crossed the land mark of 2000 question in one year. Thanks for all those who contributed questions to our database . We expect your support in future also. 

        We have set our next mile stone as 10000 questions in next year. so please cooperate with us to accomplish this task.. 

        You can see the online question bank in three forms .We are providing it as freely accessible to all.

        PSCTrainer Team

        Friday, July 8, 2011

        Sister Grade-II in AIIMS : 652 Vacancies

        Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110608

        Applications are invited for filling up the following posts of Sister Grade-II in AIIMS : 
        • Sister Grade-II : 652 posts (UR-328, SC-98, ST-49, OBC-177) , Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800 grade pay Rs.4200/-

          Selection will be by a written test on 21/08/2011 in Delhi only. 

          Fee :   Rs.500/- (Rs.100/- for SC/S) to be deposited in any branch of SBI through a payment challan. 

          How to Apply :

          Thursday, July 7, 2011

          GK Questions : Gandhi ?

          Q? : “The True Democracy is what promotes the welfare of the society”. Who said it [ Q : Panchayath Secretary 2008 ]
          Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

          Answer: NELSON MANDELA

          Answer: Indira Gandhi

          Answer: K.KELAPPAN

          Answer: GANDHIJI

          Answer: M.K Gandhi

          Answer: Richard Attenborough

          Q? : Who gave the title ‘‘Mahatma’’ to Gandhiji [ Q: AGRICULTURE ASSISTANT GRADE II 2005 ]
          Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

          Answer: 1930

          Q? : Which was the only session of Indian National Congress (INC) presided over by Mahatma Gandhi ? 
          Answer: Belgaum (1924)

          Q? : Where in Delhi was M.K Gandhi assassinated ? 
          Answer: Birla House

          Q? : The news paper 'Indian opinion' was established by: 
          Answer: Gandhiji

          Answer: RAJIV GANDHI

          Q? : RAJGHAT [ KERALA PSC GK ] 
          Answer: SAMADI OF MK GANDHI

          Q? : MY EXPERIMENT WITH TRUTH [ psc gk question ]
          Answer: MAHATHMA GANDHI

          Answer: GANDHIJI

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