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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Answer Key : Kozhikode LDC

Download Question Paper : Kozhikode

1. She is a __________ old lady .
Ans : virtuous

2. He was informed ________ the serious condition of his father.
Ans : about

3. A person chosen to settle the issue between parties engaged in a dispute is
Ans : arbitrator

4. Choose the correct sentence.
Ans: I am thinking of visiting Kovalam

5. 'OBSEQUIOUS' means :
Ans: excessively respectful

6. If i had time , I ________ him.
Ans : should visit

7. It is fourteen years since I _______ him.
Ans: saw

8. He ______ madness to escape punishment
Ans : feigned

9.'Mother wit ' means :
Ans : Natural common sense

10. Find out correctly spelt word
Ans : occurence

11.The operation ______his pain, but the injection alleviated it ( opposite of underlined word )
Ans : aggravated

12. pack:wolves :: ________ : books
Ans: pile

13." Dont sleep late and miss the bus " , said Mr. Varma. ( correct reported speech )
Ans: Mr. Varma advised us not to sleep late and miss the bus.

14. Some of us wanted to stay longer, ______ ?
Ans: didn't we ?

16. Which of the following  is not a compound noun?
Ans: master-piece

17. I have never known so wet _________ summer.
Ans: the

18. I ________ the examination, but my brother failed
Ans : got through

19. We ______ meet you on at ten o'clock
Ans : will

20.For all her reticence and modesty, it was clear that she was a  _________expert in her field.
Ans : bona-fide

N.B : Solved paper of Kozhikode LDC Question . Likely answers are given. if you have any other choice . leave a comment here.

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