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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


1.The stack pointer always points to
A: Top of the stack 

2. The output of a AND gate is high when
D: All the inputs are high

3.Which of the following is a seven bit code

4. In WINDOWS OS , presentation slides are designed using
C: MS Power point

5. Which of the following is an optical storage device?

6. In ISO-OSI network architecture , routing is performed by :
B: Network Layer

7. Elements stored in an array are accessed by using their :
D: Orders in which they are stored 

8. An expression which always give true / false value is
D: All the above

9. Group of logically related data items are called
A: Record

10. The error in a program which can be detected at the time of compilation is
C: Syntax error

11. Hard disk of a computer can be used as
D: All the above

12. Which of the following is not true about a laser printer ?
A: It is an impact printer

13. USB stands for
C: Universal Serial Bus

14. BIOS software is stored in

15.One GB is equal to
A: 1024 MB

16. Which of the following is an application software ?
B: Browser

17. Hackers gaining access to computer through a network are prevented using
A: Firewall

18.In a spread sheet, cell address is formed by
A: Column letter - Row number

19. In a program flow chart, parallelogram is used to indicate
C: Input / Output

20. To open an action by using mouse
C: Double click left button 

21.Which of the following term is not related with a computer monitor ?

22. Power On Self Test ( POST ) is performed by

23. The network devive used to connect multiple computer in a network is
A: Switch

24. Internet is an example for

25. Which of the following is not a web browser ?
A: Google

26. An IP Address gas
D: 32 Bits

27. In HTML closing tags are preceded by
D: Forward slash ( / ) 

28. A 24x CD ROM has a transfer rate of
C: 3600 KB / Sec

29. The size of a monitor is
C :Diagonal length 

30. Recursion means
B : Calling a function by itself

31. In communication, duplex means data transmitted in  :
C: In both directions simultaneously

32. The capacity of main memory which can be accessed by CPU is determined by :
B : Data lines 

33. Parity bit is added for
A : Checking errors

34. Once programmed, the data or instructions cannot be changed in

35. Variable which stores the address of a memory location is
B : Pointer

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