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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


36. The HTML tag used for hyper linking is
D: A

37. PHP is
A: Server side scripting language

38. Which of the following is a valid string in programming ?
D: All the above

39. In MS Excel absolute addressing uses :
D: $ Symbol

40. The process of loading operating system to memory is called
B: Booting

41. .Doc is the default extension of Microsoft Windows
C: Word

42. Cache memory is used in computers to :
A: Extend memory capacity

43. Inheritance is a concept used in
A: Object oriented programming

44. The operating system works as an interface between:
D: User and Hardware

45. Variable that hold True / False type values are
C: Boolean type

46. Which of the following statement is used for looping ?
D: for

47. The language associated with DBMS is :

48. In linux , the file having extension .gz is a :
B: Compressed File

49. The undeclared variables in VB is treated as :
C: Variant Type

50. The decimal equivalent of hexadecimal number C2 is
A: 194

51. PDF stands for :
A: Portable Document Format

52. Most effective chart with small number of data points is :
C: Line Chart

53. The program that runs when the computer remains idle for a certain period of time :
C: Screen saver

54. The smallest individually addressable unit of information stored on a hard disk is :
A: Sector

55. Which of the following is not a component of a computer power supply ?

56. The geometric arrangement of nodes and cables in a network is called :
B: Network Topology

57.  In an IP address, which of the following number as first octet causes loop back address :
A: 127

58. Which of the following wireless technology has higher data rate ?
A: WiMax


60. UPS is commonly used with computer systems to provide :
C: Protect from power failure problems.

61. Byte code is  :
 B : Code generated by JAVA compiler.

62. Which of the following is used to select only one item in the group :
A: Radio Button

63. Executing a program based on a change in hardware or software is called:

64. To permanently remove an item from Desktop , press :
C: Shift + Delete Key

65. If the shell prompt in linux shows # symbol , it means currently logged in user is :
D: Super user

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