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Thursday, February 18, 2016

IT Officer : Computer Questions

                 1. ------------Uses the standard called IEEE 802.11
a)    Bluetooth b) Wireless LAN c) Internet d) MAN e) None of these
           2. Repeater operates on which layer of OSI Model
a)    Network Layer b) Physical Layer c) Data link Layer d) Application Layer e) Transport Layer
3                3.Ping command is used for________
a)    Test a device o a network whether it is reachable
b)   Test a hard disk to find bad sector
c)    Test a  bug in the application
d)   Test devices scanning quality
e)    None of these
        4. Which of the following identifies specific web page and its computer on    the     web?
            a) Website b) URL c) Domain name d) Website Address e) DNS

5.     The OSI model consists of ____________ layer
a)    Nine b) Eight c) Seven d) Five e) Four

6.     LANs can be connected by devices called ________ which operates in the data link layer.
a)    Router b) Gateway c) NIC d) Bridge e) Repeater
7.     Which device provides MAC address
a)    NIC b) Modem c) DNS d) Hub e) None of these
8.     Network layer protocol used to route packets between hosts .
a)    IP b) FTP c) TCP d) SMTP e) POP
9.     What is the name given to the exchange of control signals which is necessary for establishing a connection between a modem and a computer at one end of a line and another modem and computer at the other end?
a)    Handshaking b) Modulation c) Demodulation d) Decoding e) Encoding
10. An important application of cryptography, used in computerized commercial and financial transactions.
a)    Data Mining b) Data Warehousing c) Digital Signature d) Web hosting e) None of these
11. Which layer of OSI determines the interface of the system with the user?
a)    Network b) Application c) Data link d) Session e) Physical
         12.At __________ layer, TCP and UDP works
               a) Transport b) Network Layer c) Session Layer d) Physical Layer e) None of these
          13.Encryption and Decryption of data are the responsibility of ____ Layer
               a) Network b) Application c) Data link d) Session e) Presentation
          14.In a ring topology, the computer in possession of the _______ can transmit data.
              a) packet b) data c) ring d) token e) None of these
          15. The IP address belongs to address class

             a) A class b) B class c) C class d) D class e) None of these

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