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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Information Technology & Cyber Law Questions

1.      Who invented the Computer Mouse ?
a)      Douglas Engel Bart
b)     Ray Tomlinson
c)      Gordon Moore
d)     Robert Noyce
2.      Accumulator and Program Counter are eg:-s of
a)      RAM
b)     ROM
c)      REGISTER
d)     CPU
3.      An Entry point in an information processing system which circumvents the normal safety measures.
a)      Logic Door
b)     Trap Door
c)      Loop Hole
d)     Logic Hole
4.      A mode of operation in which a process is split into parts which are executed simultaneously on different processors attached to the same computer.
a)      Parallel Processing
b)     Distributed Processing
c)      Multi processing
d)     None of these
5.       “ Number of transistors in an integrated circuits had doubled every year since IC was invented “ Better known as
a)      Stored Program
b)     Newton’s Law
c)      Moore’s Law
d)     None of these
6.      Bot programs used in search engines are called _____________
a)      Spambot
b)     Search bot
c)      Crawler
d)     Doodle
7.      Which protocol is used in Internet telephony?
a)      VOIP
b)     DHCP
c)      TCP/IP
d)     WAP
8.      The problem of fragmentation can be avoided by
a)      De allocation
b)     Compaction
c)      Zipping
d)     Debugging
9.      What is key logger?
a)      Bloat ware
b)     Adware
c)      Firmware
d)     Spyware
10.   Which of the following is a content Management System ( CMS) ?
a)      Joomla
b)     Drupal
c)      Wordpress
d)     All of these

Answer: (d )

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