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Sunday, April 24, 2016

University Asst Solved Papers

 IT & CyberLaw 

Junior Assistant Grade II – Company / Corporation ( 489/2011) Held on 08/06/2013

1.     Which of the following is not related to a computer monitor?
a)            VDU
b)            Plasma Display
c)             Pointing Device
d)            CRT

Answer: (c)
Pointing Device.
Mouse  , Touch pad and Track ball are eg:-s of Pointing Device
2.     _______ is an input device commonly available in Laptops
a)     Trackball
b)     Touchpad
c)     Touch screen
d)    Joystick

Answer: ( b)

3.     A temporary storage area attached to the CPU of the computer for input output operations is
a) Register
b) Buffer
c) Channel
d) Core

Answer: (b)

4. Product of the data processing is
a)     Data
b)     A Computer
c)     Software
d)    Information
Answer: ( d)
Processed data is called information. The quality of information depends on qualtity of data entered in to the computer.

4.     A collection of parallel lines that connects several devices in a computer is called
a)     Bus
b)     Link
c)     Bidirectional wire
d)    Cable
Answer: (a )

5.     Software installed to help prevent hacking is called
a)     System Software
b)     Anti Virus Software
c)     Firewall Software
d)    Application Software
Answer: ©

6.     Encrption of data means that
a)     Data Cann’t be sent over the Internet
b)     Data is encoded so it cannot be read with out decoding software
c)     Data is kept locked in a special room
d)    Data has been hacked in to

Answer: ( b)

7.     A person who gains unauthorized access to a computer network for profit, criminal mischief and personal pleasure is
a)     Hacker
b)     Cracker
c)     Programmer
d)    None of these
Answer: ( b )

8.     Linux is a
a)     Database program
b)     Application Program
c)     Operating System
d)    None of these
Answer: ( c )
Operating System

9.     ______ is a legal monopoly granted for a limited time to the owner of an invention
a)     Trade secret
b)     Copy Right
c)     Trade Mark
d)    Patent
Answer: (d)

Sub Inspector of Police Held on 02/ 08 / 2014

1.     Binary number of the decimal number 15 is
a)     1010
b)     1111
c)     1101
d)    1001
Answer: ( b )

2.     1’s complement of the 1011
a)     1100
b)     0011
c)     0100
d)    0110
Answer: ( c )

3.     In a client/ Server computer network the user’s computer is usually called :
a)     Client
b)     Network
c)     Server
d)    Website
Answer: ( a )

4.     The extension of .com , .edu, .org, .net etc are usually called
a)     Network
b)     IP Address
c)     Domain name
d)    Mail ID
Answer: ( c )
Domain name

5.     FTP stands for :
a)     First Transfer Protocol
b)     File Text Protocol
c)     File Transport Protocol
d)    File Transfer Protocol
Answer : ( d)
File Transfer Protocol

6.     Which of the following is a cyber crime ?
a)     Hacking
b)     Trojan
c)     Email Spoofing
d)    None of these
Answer : ( a )
7.     What is firewall protection ?
a)     spam message
b)     Most of the viruses
c)     Security
d)    Malicious worms
Answer: ( c )

8.     Which computer language is used for AI among the following?
a)     FORTRAN
b)     C
c)     PROLOG
d)    COBOL
Answer: (c )

9.     Who invented the high level programming language ‘ C ‘ ?
a)     Dennis Ritchie
b)     Robert E Kahn
c)     Donald Ritchie
d)    James Gosling
Answer: (a )
Dennis Ritchie

10.  Expansion of UNIVAC is
a)     Universal Vacuum Computer
b)     Universal Automatic Computer
c)     Universal Integrated Vacuum Computer
d)    United Vacuum Computer
Answer: ( b)
Universal Automatic Computer

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