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Thursday, January 22, 2015

IT & Cyber Law More Questions

?.Which of the following is not a search engine :
A) Tally (B) Google (C) Alta vista   (D) Bing

? An error in software or hardware is called a bug . What is the alternate computer jargon for it ?
(a) glitch b) Leech c) Squid d) patch

?. Information Technology act enacted on [ Sec . Asst 2013 ]
a) 19 Jan 2001 b) 30 June 2001 c) 9 June 2000 d) 15 July 1999

?.Any device connected in a network is called
 (a) Bridge  (b) Hub   (c) Node  (d) Router

?. Founder of Wiki Leaks
a). Julian Asange. b) Jimmy Wales c)Neumann d )Mark Zuckerberg e) Steve jobs

? Firmware are softwares stored in
a) RAM  (b) ROM  (c) CD  (d) Hard Disk

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